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The first Victorian ADAC Camp was organized by one of ADAC's founders; Mrs. Denise Agnew, and was held on the 3rd,4th, &5th October 2003.

Our overseas instructors were the very capable Susan Perry whose achievements one can only aspire towards, and the wonderful Sandra Katzen whose achievements are nothing short of astounding. Both Sandra and Susan stayed on in Australia to judge the 2003 end of year ADAC Championships.


The concept of the camp was for handlers to improve their current handling style, learn how to walk & understand courses, and be shown some new handling techniques by some overseas 'experts' in agility.

Participants were able to practice their newly acquired skills during the 'hands on' section of the three days, which included lots of course running with the dogs and opportunities to interact with the instructors on a 'one to one' basis.

The three groups (A,B,C) had the opportunity to view themselves on videotape running the courses. The footage was later replayed to the group prompting many constructive discussions on the success/failure of various handling techniques/strategies. This part of the day was invaluable for the exchange of information we all received and provided the perfect opportunity to seek advice and gain knowledge from 'two of the best'.

We also had the chance to spend some very interesting time with Mrs. Lynn Overhill, a animal communicator who left us with some 'food for thought'.

Thank you for an 'educational' and 'fun' three days!

Aust. Ch. Breebaron Lawbreaker



'A''Z' Bscl 1 H-neg 'CD''ET' NAC, NGC, NJC

Peppi proves he's got all the right moves!

2003 Group Photo of Camp members/instructors


Camnusch Above the Law

'A''Z' Bscl 11 H-neg 'NGC' 'NJC'

Tango takes to the equipment with enthusiasm!

Agility Pics


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