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To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die

Thomas Campbell "On Hallowed Ground"

Photo by Wendy Mitchell


 Whelped: 26 June 1998.

'A' 'Z' H-neg Breed Surveyed (65cm)

Hips: NN (3/3)  Elbows: N (0/0)

'NJC' 'NGC' 'TN-N' 'O-NJC' 'O-NGC'

We have a secret - you and I - that no one else shall know.

For who, but I can see you lie each night in fireglow?

And who but I can reach my hand before we go to bed

And feel the living warmth of you and touch your silken head?

And only I walk woodland paths, and see ahead of me

Your form racing in the wind, so young again and free.

And only I can see you swim in every brook I pass,

And when I call, no one but I can see the bending grass.


  Above the Law// Outlaw

Aust/Ch: Breebaron Lawbreaker 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 'CD''ET''TD''NAC''NJC''NGC'TG-N''O-NAC''O-NGC''TN-N' 'Multi-Ex'

Aust.Ch & Aust Sieger: Iniff Vagrant 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 CDX TD Ex-Select Aust & NZ Ch: Baccara Red Beret 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex-Select' Aust Ch & Aust  Sieger Edlenblut Orkan 'A' H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex Select'
San Ricco Oschi (imp NZ) 'A' Bscl 1. Ex
Iniff Majesta 'A' Bscl 1 'Ex' Vasall v Kirschental (imp Gmy) 'A' Bsxl 1. 'Ex'
Iniff Infinate Bscl 1. 'Ex'
Breebaron Fyre Dreamer 'A' Bscl 1 Ex Aust Ch. &  Aust Sieger Quincito Awol (imp NZ) 'A''Z' H-neg  Bscl 1 'Ex-Select' NZ Ch. Heiko vd Burg Hausbrunn (imp. Gmy) 'a' Bscl 1. 'Ex'
Hella v Staark
Baxpan Golden Charm 'A' Bscl 11 'VG' Aust Ch. Karlstadt Tumblin Dice 'A' Bscl 1.'CD' 'Ex-Select'
Panleada Danaes Charm Bscl 11 VG
Camnusch Blu Ice 'Z' Bscl 11 Ex 'Pinky'

Junior Sieger

Denargun Super Hero 'A' H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex'

Grando v Trabersruh 'a' (imp.Gmy) H-neg Bscl 1 Zero v Quengelbach 'a' SchH 11 Kkl.1 FH IP111
Nanda Zu Den Stocken 'a' SchH 1 Kkl1
Denargun Charisma 'A' Bscl 1 Ch. Karlrach Kentucky Lad 'A'
Denargun Aischa 'A'
Sherhaven Voodoo 'A' Bscl 1 'Ex' Bluemax Gambler 'A' H-neg Bscl 1 Ch. Heiko v d Burg Hausbrunn 'a' (imp.Gmy)
Brackenbrae Dunja
Sherhaven Olivia 'A' Bscl 11 Condor v Arminius 'a' (imp. Gmy)
Sherhaven Isha

Linebreeding: Heiko v d Burg Hausbrunn 4-4, Karlrach Wyoming Belle/Kentucky Lad 5-4, Brackenbrae Disco/Dunja 5-4.


Click on Tango's picture to see him and his father in action doing NADAC agility!

Photo taken in 2003 @ 5 years of age.


                13 weeks                                                                                                        5 months                                                                                            4 years

Breed Survey Report:

Large, strong, substantial dog of good type. Strong, masculine head, very good expression, light eyes. Level wither, slightly short steep croup. Stands correct in front. Good fore, slightly short under chest. Steps correct front and rear. Good firmness of hock joints, elbows should be firmer. In movement shows good ground cover where both the reach and drive should be more effective. The back should remain firmer. Presented himself with confidence and is gun sure.

Surveyor: Mr. Vince Tantaro

Tango was my very 'spoilt' baby- as anyone that knew him will tell you! He could count (bark) and would bring his bowl to me after his tea each night . In his 'other' life I'm sure he was a retriever as he loved to carry things for me and show off, yet always remain calm and dignified unless provoked. Amongst his many 'other'  talents, he could speak on command, and would often indulge me with his 'Tango' talk  - which only he and I knew. We had many discussions he and I, and when I didn't quite get what he was trying to say, he would cock his head to the side and try once more as much to say...I can't make it any clearer!

Above all, Tango wasa true ambassador for his breed right to the end, with the vet staff at Werribbee continually commenting that they didn't see Shepherds like him anymore and what a pleasure he was.

He was lightly shown,  loved participating in Agility (particularly jumpers) and was trained to CD level in obedience -He had a passion for water and loved our summer trips to the river, even though getting him out of the water was always a trial.

Tango was the son of 'Peppi' out of our Denargun Super Hero x Sherhaven Voodoo daughter Camnusch Blu Ice, alias 'Pinky' (passed away 2005 at 13+ years of age) and carried sound, accomplished animals on both sides of his pedigree. He displayed pure masculinity, strength, intelligence and the glamorous good looks of his mum and dad. All this coupled with a correct construction and an unquenchable desire to please me made him a joy to own and a challenge to train! Tango was a  true friend and character in every sense of the word - dogs like him just don't come along every day.  His greatest achievement whilst on this earh was being the best companion and guardian this human could ever have. God is a very lucky man indeed!

You might be gone my furry friend, but you will NEVER be forgotten...wait for me on the other side!



Specialty Show results:

1/11/1998 Mr. C Frankel (SV) - 2nd BPD (VP)

11/9/1999 Herr. Kasper (SV) - 6th Junior Dog (VG)



NADAC Australia results:

There are only two German shepherd dogs in Australia that have gained titles in the internationally recognized sport of 'NADAC -Australian division'...

 One is: "Camnusch Above the Law' alias -TANGO '

and the other is:

Dual Ch (T) Breebaron Lawbreaker' alias 'PEPPI' - Tango's father!

Novice Jumpers Certificate (NJC) - gained 15th June 2003

Novice Gamblers Certificate (NGC) - gained 29th November 2003

Novice Jumpers Certificate -Outstanding Performance (O-NJC) - 26th  June 2004

Novice Gamblers Certificate - Outstanding Performance (O-NGC) - 17th July 2004

Novice Tunnelers Certificate -  (TN-N) - 28th August 2004

Qualifications toward his Touch n Go title (TG-N)

 and at his second Agility outing - gained his first 10 point qualification toward his Novice Agility Certificate (NAC)!


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