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Camnusch Ozi Outcast 'A' 'Z' (Oki) 65cm

Hip score: 1/3=4

Elbows: 'Z' Normal (0-0)


2005 Oki @ 3 years of age.

Hopefully we can bring you some great results from these kids in 2004!


  • 5/5/2002 - Mr. D. Tidswell (SA) - 1st Baby Puppy  Dog (Vic)

  • 15/6/2002- Mrs.E. Jones -1st Baby  Puppy Dog/ Best baby (Vic)

  • 6/7/2002- Mr. L. J. Heilmann (SA) -2nd Baby Puppy Dog (to his brother Ozi Gold!) Vic.

  • 2002- Herr.Arno Humberdros (SV) -3rd Minor Puppy Dog (7 months of age) (Broken Hill)

  • 2002- L  Donald - 5th Minor Puppy Dog (Broken Hill)



Oki is showing 'excellent' potential as a tracking dog -


      BIG NEWS

  • TQT - PASS - 'Inverleigh' 21st August 2005  - (Kim Houlden)
  • Test 1 -Very Good - 'Haddon' 10th September 2005 - (Denise Chrystal)

    Tracking season finished September 2005...Stay tuned for more results 2006!


    OKI HAS RESUMED HIS TRACKING FOR 2006 and gained his 'TD' title with a grading of

    'EXCELLENT' on his first outing followed straight after with an 'EXCELLENT' on his second outing!


  • Test 2 - Excellent   -'GSDCV' 10th June 2006 &Tracking Dog  (TD) Title! -(Kim Houlden)
  • Test 3 - Excellent   - 'Ballarat Dog Obedience Club' 22nd July 2006 (Mrs. Uta May)
  • Test 4 - Good           - 'G.S.D.C.V.' 12th August 2006 (Mrs. Uta May)
  • Test 5 - Very Good - 'Tracking Club of Victoria'  19th August 2006 & Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) title (Mrs. Lynn Klecka) .
  • Test 6 -  Pass  - 'State Tracking Trial' 9th September 2006  & TRACKING CHAMPION (Mrs. Helen Den Hartog)!    

Oki has gained his passes at 7 consecutive trials!

Oki was retained by us for his overall working qualities, and not primarily for showing. Oki will participate in a multitude of dog sports over the coming years, so watch out for him!

Oki on the track

(Above)2005 TCV Camp -Haddon


(Above) February 2006

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Results from Oki's siblings -

Camnusch Ozi Gold 'A''Z' (Kiap)

H-neg Hip score: 5/8=13

Elbows: 'Z' Normal

This lovely young male has baby show wins &  places to his credit.

(Please click on pictures for enlargement)


Proud Owners: Saugard Kennels

Camnusch Ozi Classic 'A''Z' (Cassie)

Hip score: 3/3=6

Elbows: 'Z' Normal

Camnusch Ozi Charm 'Z' (Charm)   

Hip Score: 8/10 =18

Elbows: 'Z' Normal

Show Results for Charm:

  • 5/5/2002-Mr. Tidswell (SA)-2nd Baby Puppy Bitch

  • 6/7/2002-Mr.L. J. Heilmann (SA) -1st Baby Puppy Bitch/Best baby to her brother C. Ozi Gold.




Whelped: 13 January 2001


Ozi Outcast/Ozi Classic/ Ozi Charm/ Ozi Gold/Ozi Larakin/Ozi Spirit/Ozi Legend/Ozi Dream/Ozi Hotshot/Ozi Essence.

Adrian zur Seehochte (imp Gmy) Bscl 1. 'a' 'Z' V

Pero van Noort  SchH 111 'a' V Lux de Valdovin V SchH 111 FH111(0) Lebenszeit (span) 'a' Zamb v d Wienerau
Ora v Batu
Rosita van Noort V SchH 11 'a' Enzo v d Burg Aliso
Karina v d Teufelskanzel
Merret van Noort  SchH 1 'a' V Fanto vom Hirschel SchH 111 Leibenszeit 'a' VA Tell vom Grossen Sand
Ica v Haus Reiterland
Galina van Noort SchH 1 Lebenszeit 'a' V Yasso v Wildsteigerland
Anschi v Geesthugel
Camnusch Lucky Chance 'A''Z'

Lardo v Kirschental(imp Gmy) 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 V Falco v Lechtal SchH 111 FH  IP 111 'a' V Gundo v Trienzbachtal
Gilla vBad Boll
Issi v Kirschental HGH Siegerin 1991 'a' V Xaver v Hulsbach
Henny v Retztal
Sherhaven Voodoo 'A' Bscl 1 V Bluemax Gambler H-neg Bscl 1 'A' VA  Ch. Heiko v d Burg Hausbrunn
Brackenbrae Dunja
Sherhaven Olivia Bscl 11 'A' VG Condor v Arminius

                 Linebreeding: Uran v Wildsteigerland 5,5-5,5



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