** 'PEPPI' - The 2001 GSDCA National Dual Performance Winner & now Dual Champion - Conformation & Tracking!** CD ET TDX - Australia's first NADAC Aust titled GSD!


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Aust. Champion: Breebaron Lawbreaker CD ET TD 'A''Z' H-neg, BSCL 1 Multi - Excellent graded




        Sire: Aust Ch. Iniff Vagrant 'A''Z' H-neg 'CDX' 'TD' 'Excellent Select'

       Dam: Breebaron Fyre Dreamer 'A' 'Excellent' (Awol daughter)

Whelped: 21/9/1996


$650.00 (Aus) to approved bitches.

On the 19th April 1998 Peppi was presented for Australian Breed Survey and was given a Class One classification.

General Description

Above medium size, strong, substantial dog of very good type. Strong masculine head with very good expression. Very good length of neck, high wither, firm back, very good length of croup, set slightly steep. Very good fore and under chest development. Very good fore and hindquarter angulations, the upper arm could still be better angled. Stands and steps correct front and rear. In movement shows very good reach and drive. He presented himself with confidence and is gun sure.

Particular Virtues & Faults:

A dog that impresses with his strength, proportions and overall construction. Ideally, the reach could be a little freer.

Advice for Selection of Breeding Partner:

Suitable for improvement of general proportions & strength. Care should be taken with further linebreeding to Edlenblut Orkan.

Surveyor: Mr. Vince Tantaro





Specialty, All breeds & obedience results:   


Peppi's excellent gradings have included Nationals, Breed Shows and Major Specialty shows. In 2001 he gained his Australian Champion Title, his 'Companion Dog' Title in 3 consecutive trials and passed his 'Endurance Test' the same year. 2001 is also the year Peppi won the title of 'Best Dual Performance' at the G.S.D.C of Australia National from 24 other competitors. Not a bad effort in one year!

  • 1st Novice PASS- 29th National (10th March 2001)- 3rd Novice dog (184) 24 competitors- Judge: Mrs. V. Bonney
  • 2nd Novice PASS- W.D.C.V (2nd June 2001)- 4th Novice dog (177 points) - Judge: Mr. A. Adams 
  • 3rd Novice PASS- G.S.D.C.V - (8th July 2001) - 1st Novice dog & CD title(180 points) 16 competitors/15 NQ - Judge: Mr. G. Parsons
  • Endurance: 18th August 2001 - Judge: Mr. Frank Valastro

Dual Performance Trophy- Is presented to a dog or bitch that has a qualifying score in obedience and achieves the highest grading/placing in a conformation class.

He is a Runner Up in Group winner and has multiple Best of Breeds to his credit, and gained his title at consecutive shows.

The following judges promoted and appreciating a German Shepherd Dog being shown ‘naturally’ to his Australian Champion title!

  • Mr.Ermanno Maniero (Peru) -BOB

  • Mr. Chan Weng Woh (Malaysia)-BOB

  • Mrs. D. Hayward (Vic)-BOB

  • Mr. D. Tidswell (SA)-BOB

  • Ms.K. Monk-C/C (his daughter - Camnusch Skeemer was BOB)

  • Mr. A. Macandie (Vic)-BOB

  • Mr. D. Tidswell (SA)-BOB & R/U Best Exhibit in Group 5 — Mr. L. Lim (SA)

  • Mrs. E. Jones (Vic) -C/C

He is the first GSD to gain his NADAC-Aust. Novice Agility Certificate in 2003 and began his tracking career at almost 7 years of age, successfully passing his Tracking Qualification Test on 24th August 2003 under Mrs. Lynn. Klecka.


2004 NADAC Australia results-

Peppi now has his Outstanding Performance-Novice Agility Certificate (O-NAC)), his Outstanding Performance-Novice Gamblers Certificate (O -NGC)), his (TN-N) Novice Tunnelers Certificate and his TG-N (Novice Touch N  Go Certificate)!



2005 tracking results!

Big News!





On the 11th June 2005 - Peppi passed his Tracking Test 1 with a grading of Very good! His daughter 'Britstar Classy Chick passed her Test 6 and was awarded the title of 'Tracking Champion' - stay tuned for Peppi's results during the coming year!

Peppi's results so far:

  • TQT - Pass - 'Inverleigh' 24th August 2003  - (Mrs. Lynn Klecka)
  • Test 1 -Very Good - 'Haddon' 11th June 2005 - (Mrs. U. May)
  • Test 2 - Good - 'Broadford' 9th July 2005 & Tracking Dog (TD) Title! (Mrs.Dawn Howard)
  • Test 3 - Pass - 'Morwell' 16th July 2005 (Mrs. Dawn Howard)
  • Test 4 - Good - 'Inverleigh' 21st August 2005 (Kim Houlden)

2006 tracking results!


  • Test 5 - Pass - 'GSDCV' 10th June 2006  &  Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) title! (Kim Houlden)
  • Test 6 - Pass 'Coldstream' 24th  June 2006 & Tracking Champion title!    (Lynn Klecka)


These are some typical 'Peppi' puppie's.-Photo's courtesy of 'Carol Saunders'.

MOTHER "Sonnentahl Wild Dream' 'A''Z' (Virgo)

Proudly owned/bred by Laurie Sherry of

'Sonnentahl Kennels'

Whelped: 24/May/2003

Thank you to those breeders who have used Peppi for his outstanding qualities. He is consistently passing on his strength and substance, his superb character and temperament,  his glamour, very good angulations and proportions, his quality coat and to date excellent hip/elbow results. Many of these qualities are severely lacking in our Australian breeding programs these days.

To view more of Peppi's children, please visit Peppi's Progeny.


Stop Press!Peppi's semen is 'AT LAST ' in America awaiting insemination to the beautiful Hawks Hunt's Ruby Slippers (OFA-G)! Suzanne (Flying dog press) breeds under her 'Hawks Hunt' prefix - please go take a look! Hopefully if all goes to plan we can share the travels of some very special Ruby/Peppi puppies with you in the not too distant future!

'I met Peppi when teaching in Australia, and he immediately impressed me with his stunning temperament & structure, great sense of humour, impressive mind and a serious & knowledgeable breeder, Theresa Lewis, at the end of the lead.  After visiting Camnusch GSD's to meet Peppi's relatives & offspring, we decided to import semen from this terrific dog.  We are VERY excited about adding these great bloodlines to our program! These should be awesome pups!'

Peppi with his friend Suzanne at Camp Down Under 2004.




 Quality Begets Quality:

An impressive dog from an impressive family!


Meet his Father: 'Tramp'


Aust.Ch. Iniff Vagrant 'A''Z' He-neg 'CDX''TD'. Surveyed Class One. 'Excellent Select'


Owner: Fran & John Farley

Whelped: 29/9/1989 - 8/01/2004

Sire: Aust & NZ Ch. Baccara Red Beret 'A''Z' H-neg. Class One. 'Excellent Select'

Dam: Iniff Majesta 'A' Class One. 'Excellent'

    Performance at Nationals:                                                     Performance at Main Breed Shows:                   

  • 18th National 1990 Queensland - 1st Minor Puppy Dog                    1990 Puppy Sieger

  • 19th National 1991 Canberra - 2nd Intermediate dog                           1991 Intermediate Sieger

  • 20th National 1992 Victoria - Gold Medal                                         1992 Vice Sieger

  • 21st National 1993 Sth. Aust - 4th Excellent Open Dog                    1993 Sieger

  • 22nd National 1994 Newcastle - Silver Medal

  • 23rd National 1995 Queensland - 4th Excellent Open Dog

More facts:

  • Best in Show on 15 occasions!

  • Retired from showing in 1995.

  • Has Companion Dog Title in Obedience

  • Has Tracking Dog Title.

Meet his Maternal Grandsire: 'Buddy'

Aust Ch. Quincito Awol (Imp. NZ) 'A''Z' H-neg. Class One. 'Excellent Select'


  Owner: Tom & Ginny Luxton                                               

Whelped: 31/10/1985 - 5/7/2001

"This is the best anatomically constructed dog in the class, and is indeed in my opinion, the best we have ever had in Australia!" Comments by Mr. L. Donald at the 1998 Main Breed Show.

    Performance at Nationals:                                            Performance at Main Breed Shows:

  • Gold Medal Winner 1988                                                    Intermediate Sieger 1987 

  • Gold Medal Winner 1989                                                    Excellent Select 3 1988  

  • Bronze Medal Winner 1990                                                Excellent Select 3 1989

  • Silver Medal Winner 1991                                                   Sieger 1991


  Peppi's Pedigree!

Linebreeding: Johnny v d Rheinhalle 6-6/Nick v d Wienerau 4-6/Lasso Di Val Sole 5-6,6 

Hip Score: 'A' Near Normal (4-4)

Elbow Status: 'Z' Grade One - Left: Normal/Right: Grade 1 (o.5mm)

Haemophilia Status: H-neg

Breed Survey: Class One

Size: 64cm


Aust. Ch & Aust Sieger Iniff Vagrant 'A''Z' H-neg. Bscl 1 'CDX' 'TD' 'EX-Select'

Aust & NZ Ch. Baccara Red Beret 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1. Ex-Select


Aust Ch & Aust Sieger'Edlenblut Orkan 'A'     H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex Select' Aust Ch. Edlenblut Fedo (Imp. UK) Bscl 1 'Ex'
Aust Ch. Brackenbrae Disco 'A' Bscl 1 'Ex'
San Ricco Oschi (imp NZ) 'A' Bscl 1. Ex Wasko vd Urbecke (imp Gmy) 'a' Bscl 1. SchH 11 'Ex'
San Ricco Haidee 'Ex'
Iniff Majesta 'A' Bscl 1 'Ex' Vasall v Kirschental (imp Gmy) 'A' Bsxl 1. 'Ex' Germ & Ital Sieger Uran v Wildsteigerland 'a' SchH 111 FH Kkl 1 'VA'
Xitta v Kirschental 'a' SchH 111 HGH FH Kkl 1 'VA'
Iniff Infinate Bscl 1. 'Ex' Aust Ch. Amor v Dreibirkenhaus (imp Gmy) ( Gold medal 1986) 'a' Bscl 1. SchH 111 FH Kkl 1 'V'
Aust Ch. Karlrach wyoming Belle 'A' (Gold medal 1986) Bscl 1. 'Ex-Select'

Breebaron Fyre Dreamer 'A' Bscl 1. Ex

Aust.Ch & Aust Sieger Quincito Awol (imp NZ) 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex-Select' NZ Ch. Heiko vd Burg Hausbrunn (imp. Gmy) 'a' Bscl 1. 'Ex' Nick vd Wienerau 'a' SchH 111
Connie vd Burg Hausbrunn 'a' SchH1 'V'
Hella v Staark Masuta Piaute (imp UK) BVA (2/3) Bscl 1. 'VA' 'Ex' (NZ)
Aspre v Sieben


Baxpan Golden Charm 'A' Bscl 11 'VG' Aust Ch. Karlstadt Tumblin Dice 'A' Bscl 1.'CD' 'Ex-Select' Masuta Piaute (imp UK) BVA (2/3) Bscl 1. VA Ex (NZ)
Aust Ch. Tandina Red Star Bscl 1 'Ex'
Panleada Danaes Charm Bscl 11 VG Aust Ch. Sarazo Ghenghis Khan 'A' Bscl 1
Sarazo Danae



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