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Welcome to Our Photo Gallery

You will meet some of the wonderful dogs we have bred and/or owned since 1984. You will also meet some of these dogs wonderful owners.

Our dogs are part of our everyday life and we choose our puppy buyers very carefully, as these photos show. These dogs are not wrapped up in cotton wool, nor are they kept confined in kennels or cages day in, day out (except at night for their own safety). They experience life as a dog should.....working & enjoying it!

Please take a look!


The McDonald Family & 'Ember'

Peppi x Rosie

A day out at training in Melbourne.

'Cash, Mac, & Red'

'Cash' on vacation

'Law' Litter

Our niece 'Misty' with 'Oke' after participating in child handlers at Broken Hill.


Cash wondering what the heck this wombat is.

'Law' Litter

Terry, Mac & Red

'SK' Litter

All our dogs have a love of water which I encourage from an early age.

Visiting the local seniors home  and hospital with Peppi, Mac & Red as babies.


Pugsley (right) Micky (left) - the dogs that is! Pugsley was from our Camnusch 'B' litter. Micky was bred by my sister.

The Parosky family with Jake

Camnusch 'C' Litter

I told Munchkin (the cat) his face wouldn't be revealed in such an undignified position!

'Bear' had him in a bear hug!

 This is 'Kira'

Camnusch 'SK' Litter

 Pam & the late 'Bob' alias 'Ice'

Camnusch 'B' Litter

Introducing Pugsley & Micky to each other.

Mac & Red & (my butt)-no need to click for enlargement!

This is 'Ruby'

Camnusch 'Ozi' Litter


This is Jane & "Tuck"

Camnusch 'C' Litter

Jane is pictured at top with her new puppy 'Ember' and young family.

A senior 'Tuck' with 'Cash'

Tuck has since passed on.

Peppi and Ozi out for a walk in the ranges.

The gentle 'Jake'

(unfortunately Jake passed away late 2003)

Camnusch 'C' Litter



With the Victorian Dog Squad

Camnusch ' Chance' Litter

Judgment Day



Look at that face!

Camnusch 'Law' Litter

Please mum, can I have some more?

Camnusch 'B' Litter


Terry with 'Rambo'

Camnusch 'A' Litter

Left (Cam) Centre (Nuschi) Right (Rambo) Terry


Pinky & Oke 2002

Camnusch 'B' Litter





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