Puppies Due

Boy how we've grown!

Puppies Due:

Aust.Ch & Aust. Sieger: Denargun Browned Off   'A'Z' H-neg


Aust Ch & Aust Sieger: Iwan v Lechtal (imp. Gmy) 'a''Z' SchH 111 H-neg

'Ex -Select'

Immo v Batu 'a' SchH 111 Mark v Haus Beck SchH 111 'a'
Ossa v Batu SchH 11 'a'
Kimba v Lechtal 'a' SchH 1 Fedor von Noriswand 'a' SchH 111
Susi v Lechtal 'a' SchH 111
Aust.Ch. Denargun Blue Print 'A''Z' Bscl 1 Aust Ch & Sieger. Quincito Awol (imp NZ) 'A''Z' H-neg NZ Ch. Heiko vd Burg Hausbrunn 'a' Bscl 1
Hella v Staark
Aust.Ch & Aust Siegerin. Denargun Flying Colours 'A' Bscl 1 Vasall v Kirschental 'a' SchH11 Bscl 1
Denargun Charisma 'A' Bscl 1

     Camnusch Skeemer '        A''Z' Bscl 11.

Skeemer will resume her show career once maternal duties are over.  She has 46 points from 3 shows/ two of those BOB toward her Australian Champion title.


Aust/Ch. Breebaron Lawbreaker 'A' 'Z' H-neg Bscl One CD  ET  NAC NGC NJC 'Ex' Aust.Ch & Sieger. Iniff Vagrant 'A' 'Z'  Bscl 1. H-neg Aust.Nz Ch. Baccara Red Beret 'A' Bscl 1. H-neg
Iniff Majesta 'A' Bscl 1.
Breebaron Fyre Dreamer 'A' Bscl 1 'Ex' Aust Ch & Sieger. Quincito Awol (imp NZ) 'A''Z' H-neg
Baxpan Golden Charm 'A' Bscl 11.
Camnusch Lucky Chance 'A' 'Z' Lardo v Kirschental (imp. Gmy) 'A'' 'Z' Bscl 1. H-neg Falco v Lechtal 'a' V  Bscl 1. SchH 111. FH IP 111
Issi  v Kirschental 'a' V Bscl 1. HGH Siegerin 1991
Sherhaven Voodoo 'A'  Bscl 1. 'Ex' Bluemax Gambler H-neg VA Bscl 1. 'A'
Sherhaven Olivia 'A' VG Bscl 11.

Linebreeding: Quincito Awol 3-4  /  Vasall v Kirschental 4-5  / Gilla v Bad Boll 5-5  / Heiko v d Burg Hausbrunn 4-5,5

Puppies whelped on 24th January 2004.


Top: Camnusch Indiana 'Mallee'

   Left: Camnusch Malibu 'Malli'        Right: Camnusch Vegas 'Veg'

Wow.......... look at us now!


Camnusch Indiana "Mallee"                                Camnusch  Vegas "Veg"                 Camnusch Malibu "Malli"




                                                Both proudly owned and loved by Philip & Fon.


Pictured-Phillip with Mallee (left) & Bonzo (right)


Our dogs

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